Pioneer in Desublimation

Since the invention of the Desublimator in 1954 we have delivered about 1500 Desublimators worldwide. We have continuously developed the mechanical as well as the process design of the Desublimators. In particular, we have adapted the special designed fin tube system composed of rectangular fins to the newest requirement of the PA process, mainly to the increasing feedstock loading of the air.

Kelvion Mini Desublimator
Kelvion Mini Desublimator
Kelvion Switch Condenser for PA-Process
Kelvion Switch Condenser for PA-Process
Kelvion Liquid Condenser for PA-Process
Kelvion Liquid Condenser for PA-Process
Kelvion Gascooler / GasKat
Kelvion Gascooler / GasKat

The most important process key figures of the newest Desublimators are:
gas flow:          max. 40,000 Nm³/h
capacity:          max. 10,000 kg PA/cycle
efficiency:        min. 99.5 %
oX-loading:      100 g/(Nm³ air) and higher
Feedstock:      o-xylene, naphthalene or mixed feed
The design philosophy of our switch condensers is the optimal use of the entire installed surface for collecting PA. For that reason, we have introduced three sections of fin tube systems with different designs and functions.

The main task of the High Density Section is collecting PA in a very compact form. The High Yield Section is not only for PA collecting but also for gas cooling. Finally, the High Efficiency Section has a special filter function for PA needles, which guarantees the very high efficiency of our Switch Condensers.

  • High efficiency
  • Long lifetime
  • Low weight


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