Customized for heat recovery process

Heat recovery implementation in your process will increase its efficiency, decrease energy consumption and save your money. Our Economizers are available with different materials to fit your application.

Kelvion Economizer
Kelvion Economizer
Kelvion Economizer
Kelvion Economizer
Kelvion Economizer
Kelvion Economizer
Kelvion Economizer
Kelvion Economizer

Energy and fuels prices growth and CO2 emission restrictions, force us to use energy more efficient. Waste heat may be found in different process parts such as exhaust gas streams, or used drying process air. Using recovery heat exchanger and transferring heat into other process area is a basic method to increase production of the plant, or decrease fuel consumption.

Depending on process details, we may provide economizers with carbon steel or stainless steel materials with use of various tubes types from our portfolio.  Multi stage dry / wet systems using both - carbon steel and stainless steel elements are available to give you an optimal solution with lowest possible price. Our economizers portfolio consists solutions that will heat up water, oil, or even gas/gas recuperators.

Scope of delivery may vary depending on your process needs from heat exchangers colis only to full systems containing custom made casings with safety bypass controlled by actuator. Our engineers will help you to balance heat recovery unit with other heat exchanger that will receive recovered heat like air heater, plate, or shell and tube unit within our full equipment portfolio.

  • Stainless steel to use condensation energy potential
  • Acid proof materials for corrosive environments
  • Finned tubes for small sytem size requirement
  • Plain tubes for polluted environments that requires cleaning
  • Custom made casing shape to foot in your layout
  • Gas bypass solutions for safety and maintanance


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