Air Cooled Condenser MASH

Multiple Row Systems with two or three Finned Tubes

The prime design for vacuum air-cooled condensers is based on MASH© concept. Steam is brought to the condenser via a steam duct and a manifold. Steam flows down across 2 or 3 rows of finned tubes. Condensates are recovered inside bonnet header boxers connected to a hot water tank. Non-condensable go up through a deflegmation row for final condensation.

Kelvion Air Cooled Condenser
Kelvion Air Cooled Condenser
Kelvion Air Cooled Condenser MASH
Kelvion Air Cooled Condenser MASH
  • Over 30 years corrosion resistance using Extruded fins technology.
  • Answering most of API 661 (ISO 13706) and ASME VIII div 1 requirements
  • U stamped when required by end user
  • Round tubes of 2,11 mm core thickness
  • Optimized selection for plot plan restrictions using Groovy fins
  • Frames of tube bundles and supporting a frame structure designed for modular assembly concept and transportation by sea requirements
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