Online platform puts the K°Focus on data center cooling

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28. October 2020 Keeping the world connected requires large amounts of power and creates a lot of heat. In an increasingly environmentally-conscious world, how can data centers maintain a reliable, 24/7 operation and, at the same time save energy and reduce their carbon footprint?

Online platform puts the K°Focus on data center cooling

Kelvion reveals how in its innovative online platform K°Focus

It describes in simple bite-sized chunks the different methods for keeping data centers cool and capturing waste heat, and the challenges involved.

The content is divided into five chapters, which also include information about the various heat exchange solutions, supported by helpful diagrams. For those wanting a more detailed description, downloadable technical papers are available for each chapter.

Three of the five chapters are now live: White Space Air-Based Cooling, White Space Liquid-Based Cooling and Heat Rejection. The final two chapters on HVAC and Utility Cooling will be published in the coming months.

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