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01. October 2019 Visitors to the EUROPORT trade fair, from November 5-8 in Rotterdam will be invited to set a K°ourse through the World of Kelvion to see how heat exchangers for the maritime sector can save energy, reduce emissions, improve safety and increase heat recovery.

EGHE – Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger
Suitable for applications with combustion engines and other applications in objects and plants where space is restricted.
Kelvion Rectangular Box Cooler
Kelvion Rectangular Box Cooler

The company will be exhibiting a range of product solutions for on-board and offshore plants and systems that offer safety, reliability and durability even in the most turbulent conditions at sea:

(1)  New Generation Double Tube Safety Heat Exchange Technology
The first port of call is Kelvion’s new ComFinSafety technology, which merges its pioneering double tube safety with the ComFin (compact fin) technology. It offers major advantages for applications where the media properties are significantly different, such as transformer cooling systems and machine oil cooling on board ships or in hydro power plants. Those applications require high safety levels combined with a compact design. Kelvion’s shell & tube heat exchanger portfolio is now expanded in terms of safety and compactness.

The ComFinSafety system will be available in both standardized and customized solutions as double tube safety heat exchangers and transformer oil water coolers.

(2)  Cooler in a box
The next stop is the engine room for a look at Kelvion’s innovative Box Cooler K10-110.
Optimally designed for maritime applications and made from the highest quality materials, the box cooler combines efficient, powerful cooling over a long service life. With its small footprint the Kelvion Box Cooler is the space-saving solution in the sea chest or machine room.

Low operational expenditure and low maintenance costs are attractive features, especially for smaller and medium-sized vessels. This avoids the need for a complete outboard secondary cooling water circuit, dispensing with seawater pumps, filters, valves, and expensive seawater piping.

On larger vessels, such as cruise ships, Plate Heat Exchangers are still required.

(3)  Recover then reuse: Waste Heat Recovery Solution EGHE
To provide energy efficiency for installations with a very limited space, Kelvion's new Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger features a compact design made from high-alloyed stainless steel, which allows it to withstand temperatures of up to 550 °C. Its sturdy setup even withstands high continuous stresses caused by vibration and pressure pulsation. Kelvion's Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger comes equipped with a compact finned heat exchanger module, which is easily replaceable and therefore service-friendly. The compact stainless steel finned tube bundles are insensitive to soiling and silting and easy to clean with high pressure as well as cleaning agents.

Further bespoke maritime products on show will be a NT50 T Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger, best suited not only for oil but also fresh water and seawater cooling, as well as a high performance charge air cooler for high-speed Volvo engines.

(4)  Service
The final destination is service. Kelvion believes that service excellence equals a satisfied customer. Whether it involves inspections, overhauls, repairs, (preventive) maintenance or retrofits, the company’s highly qualified specialists help customers to get their equipment back in working order as soon as possible, using only the highest quality genuine spare parts. Visitors to the show will be experiencing Kelvion’s full service packages, a bespoke box cooler as well as a plate cooler refurbishment and cleaning program.
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