Heat Exchange as a Service: Pay per Use Solutions CUT CAPEX. CUT COST. CUT CO2 EMISSIONS.


Heat Exchange as a Service is an innovative pay per use business model, helping you to recover and utilize waste heat efficiently. We provide a product-service-system to take care from request, installation to maintenance to ensure the highest level of performance, while you can focus on your core processes.

Pay per use: instead of spending CAPEX for heat exchangers, you just use them in a subscription model, while you only pay if you use them. If you produce less, you pay less.

In times of rising energy prices, waste heat recovery does not only boost your efficiency, but also cuts emissions and costs by making you less dependent on fossil energy.


Depending on your system and your specific requirements, you can choose between different service packages for "Heat exchanger as a Service". We start with our Standard package, to which two additional packages (Service and Smart) can be added.

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