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06. November 2018 Under the motto “Brew it. K°ool it. Drink it.”, Kelvion will be presenting a wide range of heat exchangers for various stages of the brewing process at the BrauBeviale (Nuremberg, November 13 – 15, 2018). What all solutions have in common are high efficiency and a design ensuring reliable and hygienic operation. Users will benefit from low energy consumption, process safety and low total costs of ownership.

Kelvion Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger NT - BrauBeviale 2018
Kelvion Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger NT - BrauBeviale 2018
Kelvion Air Heater- BrauBeviale 2018
Kelvion Air Heater- BrauBeviale 2018
Kelvion Pro Equip Tube - BrauBeviale 2018
Kelvion Pro Equip Tube - BrauBeviale 2018
Kelvion Cooling Tower - BrauBeviale 2018
Kelvion Cooling Tower - BrauBeviale 2018

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NT plate heat exchangers – highly compact energy savers

Gasketed heat exchangers of the NT series, for instance, are suited for various heating and cooling tasks found in breweries and distilleries. They are available in different sizes and with different plate designs for easy adaptation to types of media, product requirements and desired performance. The patented OptiWave design ensures maximum heat transfer rates by perfect distribution of the media across the entire heat exchange area. This design ensures compact and cost-effective heat exchangers. A stable, perfectly aligned plate package thanks to the PosLoc assembly and the secure seating of the gaskets with the EcoLoc gasket system are further advantages of the NT series.

Demonstration: Security based on H2 sealing tests

The hydrogen leakage test allows the Kelvion team to reliably check that plate heat exchangers will not leak even after years of operation. The process uses a non-hazardous, non-flammable test gas comprising 90% nitrogen (N2) and 10% hydrogen (H2) for detection of leakages. Not only will existing leakages be detected but the small hydrogen atoms will even detect thin-walled heat exchanger plates. Leaky heat exchangers may thus be repaired or replaced before contamination is risked. The Kelvion Service team at Stand 224 in Hall 8 will on all trade fair days be demonstrating how easily the leakage test may be carried out on assembled heat exchangers.

Durable air heaters for drying of grain

Kelvion air heaters are used to hygienically and highly effectively dry grains used in malt production, and to carry out many other drying processes. Stainless steel laser fin tubes, among other, will ensure this: Their non-corrosive, smooth surface and seamless laser joining of core tube and fins will avoid loss of performance due to deposits.

Reliable shell and tube heat exchanger for CIP cleaning

Kelvion ProEquip Tube H shell & tube heat exchangers have been designed for efficient heating of water and caustic or acid solutions as used, for instance, in CIP cleaning. The compact, modularly structured units are available in four different sizes for use in a wide range of applications. The ProEquip Tube will meet the highest hygiene and quality standards even under fast changes of temperature and pressure. Standard sizes will handle up to 60 000 litres of water or CIP medium per hour.

Kelvion cooling towers with low operating costs

The Kelvion modular cooling towers deploy counter current flow, thus offering high cooling capacity with low water consumption. This translates to low operating costs. The durable material of the cooling towers and their low maintenance are highly convincing. Modular design ensures that customised cooling towers may be produced at particularly low cost. The gear motors of the Kelvion cooling towers feature variable speed drive control for energy efficiency, reduced noise emission and low operating costs.

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