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Reliable Heat Exchanger Service

The ideal basis for ensuring a smooth operation is to inspect your heat exchanger while running. In addition to installing and commissioning heat exchangers, we also take care of your inspection and maintenance needs, including cleaning (high-pressure and dry cleaning) as well as repairing your equipment. Our heat exchanger services support you along the complete product life cycle. To minimize the risk of sudden downtimes or equipment malfunction, we also offer long-term service contracts, which include inspections at regular intervals. The foundation for a long product lifetime is dependability – also for your company’s success. Due to our extensive portfolio of heat exchange services, we are able to meet your exact needs promptly.


LIFEHX is applied service knowhow that increases productivity and efficiency of Heat Exchangers in every state of their life cycle.


Our Service Portfolio

Heat exchangers are our business. Take advantage of our full-service portfolio and extensive experience. With our range of services, we provide everything you need to keep your machine cooling systems, transformer cooling systems, air coolers, wet cooling towers, plate heat exchangers and other heat exchangers running smoothly. Would you like to have your heat exchanger inspected or resealed? From installing to reconditioning and replacing individual parts, our skilled technicians ensure that your cooling systems are energy-efficient and working flawlessly.

Start-Up & Onsite Services

We ensure that our products are delivered safely and are fully validated to give a robust and reliable performance over as long a life cycle as possible.

And should you encounter an issue with your equipment after it is fully commissioned, our team of experienced Field Service technicians is at your disposal to come to your site to investigate and correct any malfunctions.

Repairs, Overhauls & Maintenance

Unscheduled downtime can be disastrous. That is why our trained engineers are ready to respond quickly in case of an emergency, and review and repair components while keeping any disruption to your production to a minimum. Any overhaul work is carried out quality-oriented in our service centers or on your site with the supervision of our qualified staff. Regular inspections and maintenance help to reduce costs, extend the lifetime of your Kelvion products and achieve reliable performance.

Spare Parts & Spare Part Solutions

Even the best equipment shows signs of wear over time. We use only the highest quality spare parts, designed to match the excellence of the originals. This ensures that the optimum interaction between components is maintained. By safeguarding the original design, we offer maximum security of your investment.

Monitoring, Consulting & Training

Knowledge of the equipment’s condition allows you to secure reliable production, improve safety and energy efficiency, increase equipment lifetime and prevent breakdowns.

We offer consultancy services that take into account the special features of your process, making use of our profound design knowledge of heat exchange equipment. And we work closely with you to develop the exact solution that is best tailored to your needs.

Upgrades & Replacements

We replace components to keep our heat exchangers running smoothly and to prevent downtime. Where parts or components have become obsolete due to age, we will suggest a suitable upgrade. In these cases, we can often also suggest new, state-of-the art technology which additionally enhances the performance and reliability of your process.

Our Service packages

Support Package


Visual inspection of heat exchanger

  • Prioritized telephone/Email assistance during normal working hours
  • Service technician callout during working hours

Recommended spare part list with fixed pricing

Corrective Package

  • Visual inspection of heat exchanger
  • Audits - Performance and power measures incl. recommendation for corrective actions
  • Telephone/Email assistance during normal working hours
  • Service technician callout during working hours
  • Unique contact person
  • Recommended spare part list with fixed pricing
  • Check of recommended spare parts during periodic inspection

Operator training incl. troubleshooting

Our Service Offerings

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