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Heat exchangers are our business. Take advantage of our full-service portfolio and extensive experience. With our range of services, we provide everything you need to keep your machine cooling systems, transformer cooling systems, air coolers, wet cooling towers, plate heat exchangers (PHEs) and other heat exchangers running smoothly. You would like to have your heat exchanger inspected or resealed? From installing to reconditioning and replacing individual parts, our skilled technicians ensure that your cooling systems are energy efficient and working flawlessly.

CTI | a Kelvion Company

CTI is the global leader in repairing and restoring heat exchanger tubes and providing increased reliability to damaged or new equipment.
With its CTI Shield/Seals™ or Full Length Tube Liners damaged as well as leaking tube ends and tubes can be restored in a very cost saving and sustainable way.

We offer heat exchanger services for the following equipment:

  • Plate heat exchangers
  • Shell and tube heat exchangers, such as intercoolers, closed circuit coolers
  • Compact Fin heat exchangers
  • Single tube heat exchangers
  • Air coolers
  • Natural draft and force draft cooling towers, wet cooling towers
  • Transformer cooling systems, air- and water coolers

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The ideal basis for ensuring smooth operations, is to inspect your heat exchanger while running. In addition to installing and commissioning heat exchangers, we also take care of your inspection and maintenance needs, including cleaning (high-pressure and dry cleaning) as well as repairing your equipment. Our heat exchanger services support you along the complete product life-cycle. To minimize the risk of sudden downtimes or equipment malfunction, we also offer long-term service contracts, which include inspections at regular intervals.

Unscheduled outages or equipment failure can have serious consequences on your performance. This is why our trained engineers are ready to respond quickly and diligently in case of an emergency. To keep disruptions to a minimum, we evaluate and repair components and carry out any overhaul work from our service centers. Depending on the size of your plant, we can also perform heat exchanger services on-site, directly at your location. Our mobile service also encompasses the cleaning (CIP cleaning), repair and installation of used and new equipment or parts.

Even the best equipment will eventually show signs of wear. Reliable testing procedures (leak tests and pressure tests) can help to locate cracks inside your heat exchanger early. In the event of malfunction, our technicians will detect possible defects by carefully inspecting your equipment. Should the damage be irreparable and spare parts, such as plates, pipes, gaskets or other components, required, we ensure a speedy and safe procurement of the equipment for you.

The basis for a long product lifetime is dependability – also for your company’s success. Due to our extensive portfolio of heat exchange services, we are able to meet your exact needs right away. Take advantage of our efficient heat exchanger service network and the extensive know-how of our experienced technicians. If you would like to have your heat exchangers checked, require repairs or would like to request another service, we are happy to make you an individual offer. Contact us!

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