Charge Air Coolers

Service for Compact Fin Heat Exchangers

As part of marine, off-road and stationary diesel and gas engines charge air coolers particularly are confronted with heavy duties. Over time pollutants in the air or gas mixture can cause corrosion and accumulation of deposits in the tubes. This can lead to pressure loss that can damage the turbocharger and cylinder in the engine room and which can also lead to water leakage. Regular servicing will extend the lifetime as well as prevent downtime of the engines. The Kelvion Service includes cleaning and testing, recoiling, repairs, leak detection, and reverse engineering of this critical component in the engine, and keeps your application running smoothly.

Our Service Portfolio

Start-Up & Onsite Services

  • Assistance to assembly and disassembly, shipping and transport
  • Supervision of installation by Kelvion experts

Spare Parts & Spare Part Solutions

  • Spare parts
  • Cleaning brushes
  • Service kits

Repairs, Overhauls & Maintenance

  • Complete overhaul, repair or new production
  • Renewal of corrosion protection and exterior painting
  • Internal cleaning of the tube and shell side
  • Cleaning (high pressure, chemical) of Kelvion and non-Kelvion products
  • Brush cleaning tube side including documentation of results
  • Pressure testing with 3.1 certificate

Upgrades & Replacements

  •  Modifications and replacements of Kelvion and non-Kelvion products

Monitoring, Consulting & Training

  • Examination and assessment of operating conditions
  • Endoscopic examination of tube side regarding pollution, corrosion and erosion
  • Examination of fin side regarding pollution, corrosion and erosion
  • Analysis of water and other product samples
  • Investigation of corrosion problems (destructive testing and sample analysis with specialists)
  • Assessment of deposits or corrosion products which may possibly occur on the tube side 
  • General visual inspection and documentation of results   
  • Pressure test (tube and gas side) acc. to PED / DVGW (category I+II) and PED / DVGW (category III+IV, Kelvion together with 3rd party)

Replacement of latest cooling bundles

Diesel and gas engines release particulates into the air which can enter open cooling water circuits and lead to an accumulation of deposits in the charge air cooler tubes. If the tubes become blocked, leakages in the joints and seals will occur. Pollutants will also corrode the fins. If the engine is started without an effective cooling water circuit, the vibrations may cause cracks in the cooler tubes and sidewalls. Kelvion recoils the coolers with new inserts, using the latest modifications, to allow optimum efficiency and reliability. Upgrades with copper-nickel alloys, stainless steel or titanium tubes and new thermal calculations are available. All repairs and modifications are subject to thorough testing. The Kelvion Service also includes replacing equipment at planned intervals, cleaning and testing and exchange programs.

Service Locations Charge Air Coolers

With our network of locations worldwide, we offer maximum and reliable service availability wherever you are and at any time.

South America


Kelvion India Pvt. Ltd.India
Plot No. A 31/32 Phase 04 Chakan Midc, Village Nighoje, Chakan Industrial Area Behind Mahindra And Mahindra
411001 Pune
Kelvion PTE Ltd. (Service)Malaysia
No 21, Jalan TPP5 Taman Perindustrian Putra
47130 Puchong


Kelvion Ltd. (Service)United Kingdom
Unit 12B Well Spring Close Carlyon Road Industrial Estate
CV9 1HU Atherstone
Kelvion S.A.S. (Service)France
2 rue de l’Electrolyse BP 66
62410 Wingles
Kelvion Germany GmbH (Service)Germany
Friedensstraße 3a
08491 Netzschkau
Kelvion Machine Cooling Systems GmbH (Service)Germany
Südstr. 48
44625 Herne
Kelvion S.r.l. (Service)Italy
Via Lodovico Borsari, 35/A
43126 Parma
Kelvion Machine Cooling B.V. (Service)Netherlands
Draaibrugweg 15
1332 AB Almere
Kelvion AB (Service)Sweden
Södra Dragongatan 16
271 39 Ystad


North America

Kelvion Inc (Service)United States of America
700 S 3rd St
KY 42003 Paducah

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