Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

Service for Plate Heat Exchangers

Even the highest performing plate heat exchangers are subject to wear and tear. Regular monitoring and servicing will keep equipment running effectively for longer and avoid costly and disruptive unscheduled down time - Periodic inspections will extend the lifetime.

The Kelvion Service includes performance auditing, reconditioning, resizing and leakage testing – all to the highest standards. We believe that installing new gaskets to the highest standards are crucial for extending their service life.

Our ten-step process, which leaves nothing to chance, includes inspections, replacing old gaskets, cleaning and dye testing, to ensure a first-class result every time.

Our Service Portfolio

Start-Up & Onsite Services

  • Precise set up of equipment to make future operation and Service easier
  • Supervision of installation by Kelvion experts

Spare Parts & Spare Part Solutions

  • Supply of highest quality spare parts (like gaskets, spare plates, plate packages)
  • Supply of spare parts of other brands
  • Exclusive stock: Reservation of critical spare parts to guarantee flexibility and quickest delivery
  • Tools (ratchet, screwdriver, etc.)

Repairs, Overhauls & Maintenance

  • Cleaning: Improvement of the thermodynamic performance and optimization of the efficiency
  • Reconditioning: Recovery of the thermo-dynamic performance
  • Repair of the equipment
  • Replacement of unsafe, worn, or damaged parts
  • Full Service: Removal of the plate packs, transport to service plant, reconditioning of plate packs, return transport, installation and pressure test, handover to the customer

Upgrades & Replacements

  • Increase of capacity, cost reduction, extension of service intervals or achievement of more efficient heat transfer by redesigning your current solution
  • Improvement of the overall performance and lifetime extension of your equipment by updating to the latest technology
  • Usage of Inline-Filters eliminate the need to open the plate pack and clean the individual heat exchange plates please contact us for further information

Monitoring, Consulting & Training

  • Troubleshooting: Detection of the root cause of a major issue by applying our extensive product and process knowledge
  • Condition audit: Integrity tests at the equipment to detect internal leakages followed up by test reports and expert recommendations
  • Remote support: Hotline support with direct access to experts
  • Staff training to increase knowledge and competencies of your maintenance staff
  • Annual service agreement

Performance audit program

We also have a regular performance audit program, which enables customers to avoid unscheduled downtime, plan for future component replacements and extend the lifetime of the equipment.


Report details can be used by our customers to address immediate attention items, as well as plan for future component replacements like plates, gaskets, etc.

Reconditioning process

Our 10-Step-Process for installing new gaskets equals a first-class result. First we inspect the equipment before removing the old gasket and cleaning the plates. This is followed by a dye test and second inspection, removal of the dye residue, cleaning the gasket groove and final plate inspections. The new plates are then fitted and quality checked.


10-Step-Process at a glance:

  • Initial inspection & creation of report
  • Removal of old gaskets
  • Chemical cleaning (acid or caustic bath), high pressure cleaning
  • Dye test and second inspection (record results)
  • Removal of residues after dye penetration test
  • Cleaning of gasket groove
  • Final inspection of each plate; replacement of damaged plates
  • New gaskets are fitted
  • For glued gaskets – tensioning of plate pack and glue curing in an oven
  • Final stamp of approval after final inspection and careful packaging of plate pack

Hydrogen Leakage Test

Plate heat exchangers can sometimes be exposed to external influences that may cause microscopic leaks. With our innovative leakage test we can track down any material fatigue by feeding a hydrogen/nitrogen mixture into the closed plate heat exchanger on the water side. This is faster and more efficient than conventional methods and can also be used as a preventative tightening test.


Hydrogen Leak Detector EcoSafe 2000

  • Robust and simple construction for industrial surrounding
  • Fast response behavior
  • Early detection of material fatigue
  • Mobile and can be applied at short notice
  • 10% hydrogen result in 100% safety
  • Proven product quality management

Service Locations Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger

With our network of locations worldwide, we offer maximum and reliable service availability wherever you are and at any time.


Kelvion BVBA (Service)Belgium
Warandestraat 1
9240 Zele
Kelvion Ltd. (Service)United Kingdom
Unit 12B Well Spring Close Carlyon Road Industrial Estate
CV9 1HU Atherstone
Kelvion S.A.S. (Service)France
2 rue de l’Electrolyse BP 66
62410 Wingles
Kelvion PHE GmbH (Service)Germany
Kühler Weg 1
82065 Baierbrunn
Kelvion Germany GmbH (Service)Germany
Friedensstraße 3a
08491 Netzschkau
Kelvion S.r.l. (Service)Italy
Via Lodovico Borsari, 35/A
43126 Parma
Kelvion PHE BV (Service)Netherlands
Craenakker 21
5951 Belfeld
Kelvion Germany GmbHGermany
Kalthofer Feld 19
58640 Iserlohn


Kelvion Heat Exchangers (China) Co., Ltd. (Service)China
No. 8 Yang Tian Road
241007 Wuhu
Kelvion India Pvt. Ltd.India
Plot No. A 31/32 Phase 04 Chakan Midc, Village Nighoje, Chakan Industrial Area Behind Mahindra And Mahindra
411001 Pune

South America

North America

Kelvion Inc. (Service)United States
4915 Highway 90 East
LA 70518 Broussard


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