Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Our commitment is to create and maintain a diverse, equal and inclusive (DEI) culture at Kelvion. As part of our ESG strategy, DEI centers on having a diverse and talented team that also reflects our widely varied stakeholders and business partners. The uniqueness and diversity of our employees is one of our core values. We specifically design our HR processes to be objective and non-discriminatory. Whether it is recruiting, performance appraisal, talent review, salary review or promotion – for us, fairness means making better decisions. We care that you are compensated fairly and in line with the market. To ensure this, we regularly benchmark our compensation packages.

At Kelvion, we empower people by respecting and appreciating what makes them different. We believe workplace diversity includes differences in personalities, values, attitudes, and backgrounds such as life experiences, skills, knowledge, education, family situation and lifestyle. 

Women at Kelvion

Kelvion is working hard to integrate DEI issues into daily routines and company culture. A key aspect is gender equity. This is promoted in many areas of the company, to which a global women's network also contributes. The network provides a forum for professional and personal exchange as well as knowledge transfer and sharing of experiences.

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